Brief Introduction of "Journal of Yangtze River
Scientific Research Institute "

"JOURNAL of Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute" is an academic periodical in applied science, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and sponsored by the Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute, mainly reports the development and application in water resources and hydropower engineering of Changjiang River Valley, including research achievements of applied fundamental theories on water resources science and advance of related subjects, major investigation findings and empirical summary on large- and medium-sized hydraulic and hydropower projects (e.g. the Three Gorges Project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project etc.), and new theories, new techniques , new equipments and new procedures in water conservancy and hydropower field and their applications. The Journal appropriately publishes the scientific research achievements of large- and medium-sized hydraulic and hydropower projects of other river basins, and the new achievements and development trend of sci-tech research abroad.

Main contents of the Journal include: river/lake sedimentation and regulation, water resources and environment, water & soil conservation and eco-construction, engineering safety and disaster prevention (engineering exploration and safety monitoring), flood control and disaster mitigation, information technology application, rock & soil mechanics, engineering hydraulics, hydraulic structure and material, water conservancy and economics, hydraulic instrument and equipment, technical notes and so on .

The Journal persists in the guiding principle of serving economic construction in scientific research and the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts. The aims of publication of the periodical are developing water resources science, broadening sci-tech communication, promoting the translation of study findings and serving water resources and hydropower undertakings.

Main readers of the Journal involve the technical staffs engaging in scientific research, design and construction in the water conservancy and hydropower undertakings, as well as the teachers and students of universities.

The Journal started publication in October of 1984, originally named "Journal of Yangtze Water Conservancy & Hydroelectric Power Institute", and renamed "Journal of Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute (J. YRSRI)" in 1987. The editorial board is composed of old-, middle每 and young每aged experts who have engaged in water conservancy work for a long time.

The Journal is elected as "Chinese Core Periodical" in succession, and collected by following organizations: CSTA (English version), "Chinese Academic Journal (CD)", "Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers Statistic-Source Journal", "Chinese Science Quotation Database", " 'Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database' Original Journal", "Chinese Journal Full每text Database", "Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals Database", " Chinese Core Periodicals (selected) Database", "Chinese Electronic Periodicals Service Database", and Russian "Abstract Magazine" . The Journal is also collected by" USA International CODEN Centre Coded CKYUEG", regularly stored by the Britain library and German Academic Library, indexed by " USA New York Urich*s International Journal ", and regularly employed by " Water Resources and Hydropower Sci-Tech Information Database ".

The Journal won a prize of "Hubei Province Excellent Sci-tech Periodical Citation in 1989", was awarded the title of "Hubei Province Excellent Periodical in 1994-1995", was appraised "State Water Resources System Excellent Sci-Tech Periodical " in 1996, was conferred the title "Fifty-Excellent-Engineering Major-Establishment-Periodicals of Hubei Province Sci-Tech Periodical ", and gained an excellent citation award in the evaluating achievements of " Data Norm for Retrieval and Evaluation of Chinese Academic Journal (CD) " in 1999.

As a monthly journal, it is openly published at home and abroad at the first day of every month, with the size of printed sheet 1/16 ?and sum 64 pages, the unit price of 6.0 yuan and the total of 36.0 yuan a year.

The Journal can be subscribed in post-offices of China: Domestic unified publishing-code CN42 每 117/TV, Postal code每name 38 每 147.

It is published overseas by China International Books-Trading General Inc. (Beijing Postbox 399): International standard serial number ISSN1001-5485, Overseas Code每name 0799BN.

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