International Exchange and Cooperation

Workshop on Flood Prevention and Control on the Yangtze River

In the past years, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI), making full use of the advantages of herself and in combination with the needs of scientific researches, had actively carried out international cooperation of science and technology, centering on the water resources development backed up by large projects such as the Three Gorges Project, South-North Water Diversion Project, Yangtze embankments, etc.. More than 500 technical staff were sent in different ways through various channels to 40 plus countries including the USA, Japan, France, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa for study tours, further studies, cooperative researches, consultation, and international academic conferences. In collaboration with related organizations, the CRSRI had successfully organized international academic conferences in Wuhan, for instance, Workshop on Flood Prevention and Control on the Yangtze River, 5th International Seminar on Discontinuous Deformation Analyses. 21 persons joined in international academic associations. Letters of intention for cooperation were signed with universities and scientific research institutions from 25 countries. More than 2000 specialists and scholars from 50 plus countries were invited in different ways through different channels to the CRSRI for technical exchanges. Such equipment and devices as seepage consolidameter, deep-hole underwater geostress measurement instrument, GIS, high-frequency prospecting radar, 3D laser scanner, and so on, were imported to serve for the scientific researches in the CRSRI .

Visit in the Laboratory of Saskatchewan University, Canada

During the Tenth Five-year period, using funds from the World Bank, the National Administration for Foreign Experts, National Natural Fund, and foreign governments and enterprises, the CRSRI cooperated with Finland, Australia, the USA, Germany, and Japan for several cooperative researches to solve some key technical difficulties in development and harnessing of the Yangtze River, such as the World Bank loan Yangtze Flood Control Model, Sino-Russian Comparison Analysis and Study on Riverbed Evolution and Eco-environment of Big Rivers in Russia and China, Studies on Theory and Practice of River Evolution due to Large-scale Hydropower Projects, Sino-US Studies on Computational Technologies for Stability of Geological Disaster, Sino-Australian Studies on Agricultural Water Saving, Sino-Swiss 3S Application in Flood Control and Drought Relief in the Yangtze River, and Sino-Finnish Yangtze Flood Control Intelligence Response System.

To widen the existence space and enhance the economic strength, the CRSRI actively participated in international competition to open the international market. The turbine governors and the automatic grouting recorders made by the CRSRI were exported to Iran, Nepal, and Vietnam. A joint venture Wuhan Geo-Eng Yangtze Australia Co., Ltd. with GHD, Australia, becomes an important power in construction of domestic water information collection system.

The wide and in-depth international technical and scientific cooperation has not only met the needs for provision of technical services in survey and design for flood control, water resources management, and key projects in the Yangtze Basin, but also promoted the advancement of experimental techniques and improvement of scientific research level, which played a positive role in stimulating scientific and technical innovation and sustainable development in the CRSRI.

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