Awarding Ceremony for Field Scientific Observation and Experiment Station of Changjiang River Basin in Wuhan
£Û Source£ºCRSRI   Author£ºluo Xue £Ý

The awarding ceremony for nine field scientific observation and experiment stations of Changjing River Basin was held in CRSRI on 23rd May. President Xiling Guo and Vice-president Jin Chen awarded plaques for the nine stations distributing along the Changjiang River Basin.

The nine stations subordinate to the Field Scientific Observation Center of CRSRI which was established in November 2011 after approval by the Changjiang Water Resources Commission. The center focuses on information collection, management and utilization of comprehensive scientific research of river basin, for the purpose of providing scientific basis and optimizing sample mode for river basin planning, river regulation, disaster prevention and reduction, sustainable utilization of water resources, protection and restoration of ecological environment, integrated management of water administration, and protection of crucial water source areas in Changjiang River and rivers of southwest China. What¡¯s more, the establishment of the centre would promote the development of social economy of the basin and China by providing technological support. The nine stations will form a network system which covers Changjiang River Basin and rivers of southwest China with the full use of  various observation approaches to deal with issues such as resources, environment, and ecology and disaster precaution.






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