The Yangtze River Scientific Investigation Launched by CRSRI¡¯ Doctor Forum in 2012
£Û Source£ºCRSRI   Author£ºLuo Xue £Ý

The 2012 scientific investigation of CRSRI¡¯s Doctor Forum was carried out in April 24-26 in celebration of Youth Day and to foster technology talents who can produce advanced scientific achievements with spiritual and emotional dedication to CRSRI. The investigation included visits to model experiment research bases and wetland observation stations of Poyang Lake, soil and water conservation technopark of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi provincial hydrology bureau, the largest earth-filled dam in Asia named Dam of Zhelin Lake Reservoir, and Yaobang cemetery, etc.

The scientific investigation team led by vice president Jinyou Lu started from visiting the model experiment research base of Poyang Lake which located in Gongqing City of Jiangxi Province on 24th April. Deputy Director of the Water Resources Department of Jiangxi Province named Laiyou Zhu, chief of the External Cooperation and Scientific Technology Section named Jiangling, and Vice President Xinfa Xu of the Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Water Sciences (JIWS) gave a warm welcome to the team and both sides had an informal discussion.

 Jinyou Lu, Vice president of CRSRI firstly appreciated their warm welcome. He pointed out the theme of the investigation as Exploitation and Protection of the Water Resources of Poyang Lake. Young doctors of CRSRI were expected to have a further understanding of the Poyang Lake and even the Yangtze River through the field investigation. Furthermore, he anticipated that all members of the team could proactively find more cooperation between CRSRI and research bases in Jiangxi Province. On the other hand, the Deputy Director Zhu sincerely wished that the doctors put forward suggestions and ideas on the scientific study of water conservancy in Jiangxi Province. Particularly, he introduced the plan of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone and the information of three water conservancy scientific research bases. He had an in-depth discussion with the doctors regarding relevant issues they proposed.

After the discussion, all members of the team visited the model experiment research base in the rain under the direction of Xinfa Xu, the vice president of JIWS. He gave a detailed introduction on the general situation and construction process of the base, as well as research issues planned to be carried out.
On 25th April, Shaowen Fang, head of the Jiangxi Provincial Research Institure for Soil and Water Conservation took the team to visit the Phase-I and Phase-II project of Water and Soil Conservation Ecological Technopark. All members had a further understanding of the significance of ecological construction in red soil hilly region of South China and Yangtze River basin. After that, the team left for Zhelin Lake Reservoir, the largest earth-filled dam in Asia.

On 26th April, the members paid a visit to the Poyang Lake wetland observation stations and Hydrology Bureau of Jiangxi Province. Shigang Wang, head of the Hydrology Bureau introduced the general situation of laboratory establishment and the arrangement of observation stations.   

The Yangtze River scientific investigation consisted of a series of inspections and study activities of different forms around the three scientific research bases, such as Poyang Lake Model Experiment Research Base, Water and Soil Conservation Ecological Technopark, and Poyang Lake wetland observation station. The members truly realize the current exploitation condition and the eco-environment of the Poyang Lake as the largest freshwater lake in China, which plays an important role for them to explore theoretical study and practical research, and to draw up new scientific issues.





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