2012 Annual Conference of Editorial Board£ºThe Journal of YRSRI
£Û Source£ºCRSRI   Author£ºChen Min £İ

The annual conference of editorial board of the Journal of YRSRI (Journal of Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute) was held on April 1, 2012. President Guo Xi-ling, Vice President Chen Jin, Chief-engineer Lin Shao-zhong, former presidents and chief-engineers, experts from the institute and the CWRC (Changjiang Water Resources Commission) were presented.

Director Jiang Xiao-lan of the editorial department gave a work report in which the rate of funded papers, the cited frequency, impact factor, and ranking of the Journal, etc were included. The measures to improve the quality and work efficiency were discussed.

 Members of the editorial board gave innovative and practical suggestions on how to expand influence, attract excellent papers, enhance impact factor, and give full display to board member¡¯s role, etc.

The editorial board conference is held annually to report work, discuss problems and assign tasks for the purpose of improving overall quality of the journal for the next year.





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