Key Laboratory of River Regulation and Flood Control of MWR
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¡°Key Laboratory of River Regulation and Flood Control¡± (RRFC) is one of the 6 key laboratories of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR). The Laboratory was admitted and began instituted under administration of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) of Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC) after ratification of feasibility study organized by MWR in March, 2004. The Laboratory was officially founded in July, 2006.

1 Researching Objective
Researching objective of RRFC is to meet the need of sustainable economic and social development, to solve crucial technological problems related to river-lake regulation, flood control and disaster mitigation of large-scale hydro-projects. The Laboratory focuses on fundamental researches concerned with affects of natural condition and human activities, pays much attention to inter-course of multi-disciplines and application of high-tech. Meanwhile it will help to revise Comprehensive Planning of Changjiang River Basin and Dingting Lake, and to propose Planning of Coastline Utilization of Changjiang River and sand mining in the river etc.

2 Researching Domain
   Main researching domains include:
¡ñ River & lake evolution and regulation: laws of water flow and sediment movement in river, lake and reservoir, river bed evolution, technologies of river regulation, control and utilization of sediment deposition, issues of environmental sediment.
¡ñ Flood control and disaster mitigation: causes and prevention measures of flooding and water-logging disasters, dynamic monitoring, impact assessment and risk analysis, flood forecast, dispatching and early-warning technologies, flood propagation in rivers, lakes and flood diversion and storage basins, emergency treatment and consolidation technologies of flood control projects, dynamic monitoring technologies of ecological environment of the river basin.
¡ñ Comprehensive utilization of water resources: dynamic distribution of water resources, water ecological environmental assessment and restoration, integrated watershed management.
¡ñ Watershed erosion and sediment yield: ramp erosion, land resource wastage and damage mechanisms, sediment yield, land-use restructuring.
¡ñ Influence of large-scale hydro projects on flood control and ecological environment of the river basin: fluvial process of rivers and lakes downstream of a hydro projects and the influence and countermeasures.
¡ñ Hydraulics key technologies of large-scale hydro projects: high-speed water flow problems, the shape design, layout, energy dissipation technology of sluicing structures, navigation hydraulics, water diversion and cutoff in construction, power plant hydraulics.

3 Manage and Operation
RRFC is openly managed with operational mechanism of "open-up, mobile, competitive, collaborative", supposed to promote interdisciplinary, academic exchanges and domestic and international co-operation, and will gradually achieve to become a scientific researching center of river regulation and flood control, a hub of outstanding talents, staff training, academic exchanging etc.

4 Changjiang River Flood-Control Physical Model
Changjiang River Flood-Control Model of CRSRI is the vital component of RRFC. The model is the largest one for the Changjiang River up to now and is funded by loan of the World Bank. The model project is mainly comprised of a large-scale testing hall, the physical model of the whole Jingjiang river reach, the measuring and controlling system, a digital simulation system, and other infrastructure facilities. Once the model is finished, it will greatly contribute to researches of flood control of the Changjiang River.

Sediment Physical Model for Dam Region of the Three Gorges Project

Changjiang River Flood-Control Physical Model

5 Contact of RRFC
Professor-Senior Engineer: LU Jin-you
Director of Key Laboratory of River Regulation and Flood Control (RRFC)
Jiuwanfang, Zhaojiatiao, Jiang'an District, Wuhan, Hubei, 430010, P.R. China
Tel: 8627-82829869£»Fax: 8627-82621603£»Email:





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