Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Mechanics & Engineering of MWR
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The Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Mechanics and Engineering of the Ministry of Water Resources was established on the base of rock mechanics and engineering department, geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering department, blasting and vibration department of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute(CRSRI). The laboratory boasts a staff of 150. The emphases are being laid on the following research activities:rock mechanics properties, rock geo-stress, rock and soil engineering numerical analaysis, engineering rock mass reinforcement,nondestructive test, soil engineering properties, foundation treatment, seepage and groundwater environment, blasting technology, engineering vibration and structural seismic, geo-environmental engineering,etc.

The laboratory has been best-equipped with all types of advanced laboratory and field facilities including MTS and RMT rigid servo-controlled rock testing machine, the Yangtze-300 high-pressure rock triaxial testing mchine, TLW-2000 high-pressure rock rheologic triaxial testing mchine, RYJ-15 soft rock shear-type rheologic testing mchine,CKY200g-t geotechnical centrifuge, SIEMENS 40 layers CT, PY80-15 large plane strain tesing machine, DH500 laminar-ring consolidation apparatus, YLSZ300-3 high-pressuree soil triaxial apparatus, GDS triaxial apparatus, 5000N direct shear apparatus for unsaturated soil, large scale soil-geosynthetics direct shear apparatus, large apparatus for horizontal seepage test and vertical seepage test,geo-stress measurement system, TAW-2000 high-pressure in- situ rock mechnics testing system, RLS-60 in- situ rock rheological properties testing system, PDA-K stick base dynamic measuring apparatus, flat dilatometer test (DTM), GA side pressure gauge£¬Mini-mate plus and Min-seis blasting vibration and noise measuring apparatus, DOCTER impact-echo testing apparatus, GEOMETRICS strataview multi-channel seismometer, EKKO1000 ground penetrating radar, Supersting multi-channel resistivity imaging system.

The laboratory has various international applicaion software including ABAQUS£¬MARC£¬ANSYS£¬FLAC£¬GEO-SLOPE¡¢TSLOPE3£¬SEEP3D£¬GMS£¬MLAEM£¬FEFLOW£¬MIGRATE and blasting earthquake response spectrum analysis software,etc. It also has developed an entire suite of applicaion software including DDA, code for numerical manilold method, code for 3D simulation of saturated and steady seepage field in anisotropic media by finite element method, code for 3D simulation of saturated-unsaturated and steady-unsteady seepage field by finite element method.High Performance Computer Systems incuding parallel computer, server and workstation are provided for rock and soil engineering numerical analaysis.

In the course of more than 50 years, the laboratory has achieved successful accomplishment in undertaking extensive researches of rock mechanics, soil mechanics and engineering blasting researchs projects in provding consulting service to numerous national priority hydro projects,such as Three Gorges project, South to North Water Transfer Project, Danjiangkou Project, Gezhouba Hydroproject, Shuibuya Hydroproject, Goupitan Hydropower Station, etc.

So far, the laboratory had undertake over 50 research fund items of state five-year plan key programs of Science and Technology,General Programs of National Natural Science Foundation and Scientific Researching Fund Projects of Ministries. Among them there are 5 resarch projects acquiring National Prizes of Science and Technology Advancement,and 40 research projects acquiring prizes of science and technology advancement awarded by the ministries and provincial governments.The laboratory has edited in chief and participate in 20 national standards and industry standards, published 21 academic monographs.





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